About Us

Belle City Home Brewers and Vintners is a non-profit association dedicated to encouraging and advancing the home brewing and wine making hobby and to provide its members the opportunity to enjoy beer and wine in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

The club is open to anyone of legal drinking age that is active or plans to become active in home brewing or wine making. Membership dues is $36 per person ($45 for a couple).

We generally meet twice per month (the business meetings are currently the second Monday of the month) and the socials are generally the last Friday of the month (location varies). These meetings are generally posted on the Calendar. Paid members are the only ones that can see the socials as these are often held at member's homes and we do not wish to publish their addresses without some sort of security.

Our club officers are listed below and may be contacted via the Contact Us Form:

Dan Smith - President
Jay Mollerskov -Vice President
Jennifer Zabel - Treasurer
Tony Braun - Secretary
Jason Zabel - Sergeant at Arms